Bead Art Show -NAGOYA 2008-

Bead Art Show YOKOHAMA 2010
Bead Art Show KOBE 2010

Bead Art Bazaar

The Bazaar will offer the chance for vendors, exhibitors and teachers to meet new people, to collaborate their works and build up the relationship.
Do not miss this chance.

Date : August 21 (Sat.) - 23 (Mon.), 2010
Show hours : 10:00 - 18:00
Place : WINC AICHI (Japanese)

This facility was opened in October, 2009 as a new base to contribute to the industry and culture in Aichi prefecture. The location is only a 2-minute walk from Nagoya station. It is convenient to access even from a long distance.
Access information >> (Japanese)

Bead Art Bazaar will offer you new encounters, new exchanges, and new discoveries.
Join us in NAGOYA!

Exhibiters Information
Show Floorplan and the Reservation Status


Download the Floor Plan (PDF)
A Type
(50 booths)
¥42,000 booth space 210cm x 150cm (fits for 1 table)

A Type

Only Lampworker
(18 booths)

¥31,500 booth space 210cm x 150cm (fits for 1 table)
B Type
(28 booths)
¥84,000 booth space 300cm x 180cm
(fits for 2 tables in L-shape)
C Type
(14 booths)
¥126,000 booth space 480cm x 180cm
(fits for 3-4 tables, flexible space facing to wall)

-Free to bring your own display materials into your booth(s) as far as they fit into the given space.
(Please check optional furniture below.)
-Chairs are free. Fill-in the numbers you need in the registration form.
-All the booths have power supplies.

Optional display materials

We can arrange following optional furniture and lights.
Please apply by July 31st, 2010.
If you past this date we cannot prepare.


(1.5 times as large as usual one)
W1800 x D750 x H700

show case

121 Glass show case (gold / marble)
W1500 x D550 x H950

122 Glass show case (chrome / Black)
W1500 x D550 x H950

147 Glass show case (glass)
W1500 x D600 x H900

Stand spot

103 Stand spot (75w x 4, halogen bulbs)
H1500 - 2100

104 Stand spot DX (75w x 4, halogen bulbs)
H1500 - 2100


172 Partition (white)
W900 x H2100

184 Partition (wood)
W900 x H2100


Screen (chrome, horizontal pipes only)
W900 x H2000

Open stage 84 Open stage A
W1500 - 1800 x D650

Exhibitor's Registration

(1) Fill out the form and send it to the show office by e-mail/fax/mail.
(2) Show office will contact you back with the registration number and payment instruction. Please confirm the contents and pay the amount.
(3) After confirming your full payment your registration will become a formal acceptance.

Registration Form (PDF)

Online Registration Form

Bead Art Show Office
79 Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0034 Japan
Tel.: +81 (0)78-331-0884
Fax.: +81 (0)78-331-6672

Cancellation Dates & Fees

May 1 to 31 - 10% of the fee
June 1 to 30 - 30% of the fee

July 1 to 31 - 50% of the fee
After August 1 - 100% of the fee

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